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We have upgraded the cable attachment to our power rack! This plate loaded High Low pulley will help add multiple options to your workouts. 

New Rack dimensions with this attachment -  48"w x 90" d x 86"h

Lat Pulldowns / Tricep Pushdowns / Arm Curls / Seated Rows

Comes with Lat Bar & 18" Straight bar + Olympic plate horns & Collars

Attachment is designed for home use only.

**Please Note racks purchased before September 2017 are missing the holes to attach this add on, they must be drilled into the back support** 



Ask a Question
  • I just purchased a power rack from you. I assume this is just an add on to your current racks?

    Yes this is an add on attachment that will add a plate loaded cable system to our rack. 

    This fits any rack purchased from September 2017 or later. 

  • Can you use it without attaching it to a rack?

    No this needs to be bolted into the rack for support.

  • How much weight is possible with the lat pull down?

    It is rated for 200lb

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